28 January 2008

واستخدم الشمعة ...

عن جريدة البلد

و تعليق


25 January 2008


Indeed, Gaza has liberated Egypt, and all the Arabs (regimes,) from themselves, from their atrocious silence and inept cowardice. Common people who could no longer stand the suffocation of their giant concentration camp, broke free like a bird breaking free of a cage with the mere flesh of its bare breast. With this act, they've slapped the faces of these non-leaders, they've forced these Arab "presidents" and "kings" to hide their faces in the depths of their shameful, bloody guilt.

21 January 2008

Gaza, Palestine

Gaza, Palestine, the largest concentration camp on Earth, is today under the most brutal, inhumane, genocidal siege. May God protect and bless them. Check out this website from Rafah, Gaza, Palestine.


Artist: Ismail Shammout

Artist: Naji Al-Ali

Artist: Ben Heine

Mural in Gaza by Palestine Center for Human Rights

Artist: Latuff

Artist: Unknown

Artist: Banksy

Artist: Banksy (at Electronic Intifada)


08 January 2008

My interview on LebRecord

LebRecord is an online arts magazine that is organized by Mr. Maroun Kassab and others, and which highlights and promotes Lebanese visual artists. I am the featured artist for the month of January 2008. Please visit, click on the "Featured Artist" section, and read the interview (click on "interview" above my picture).

Click to go to LebRecord:


01 January 2008

Lebanese Politics Song #2

(Also listen to "Lebanese Politics Song" #1 - scroll down to my December 9 post)