30 September 2008


On the occasion of this happy Eid, one cannot but look forward towards a hopeful tomorrow, when future generations of Arab-Americans will evolve into a more synthesized community of Arab + American, when they will become a truer hybrid (!) of the two cultures. Some presumed new elements of this new culture will be things like new hybrid foods, fashion, and language.

While many of these phenomena have already manifested themselves today, such as "Hijab Chique," "Robot Hijab," and "Shawarma Ceasar Salad," the future Arabic language, in particular, will have evolved to become a vague semblance of its original self, used in incomrehendible fragments, marginally, and in passing, within everyday English speech. One predictable word that may arise could very well be a standardized Eid greeting that will be popular amongst most of the new Hoamus, Tibuli & Meatloaf generation. I think it will be something easy to remember and almost mono-syllablic, like: "TENADELEYK!!"

Therefore, youngsters might approach an elder of their family on the day of the Eid and say something like:

"Tenadeleyk, Amo!"
(listen to audio)
To which the elder might respond:
"Smella, smella, yekzaleyn! Tenadeleyk, everybody!"
(listen to audio)
Of course, rarely will one find anyone in the future Arab-American community who will actually have any notion of the original etymology of these new words. (I learned the word etymology from wikipedia.)

So that's it for today. Oh, and when someone dies, they might say, "Awadeleyk" instead of "Tenadeleyk."
:: authored by Ibn Bint Jbeil. Original conceptual development in conjunction with Ibn Her Bear's Bird.


Anonymous said...

the subsequent generations of Arabs in America are developing their hybrid language or pigdin then these wisecrack of tenadelayk will become part of our everyday venacular perhaps even seeping into the mainstream, gnomesayin?

poshlemon said...


LMAO. Tenadeleyk w ala ayltak!

ZeroZero961 said...

killamuntubkeir if i may say bro, sorry bro i left some comments on some of your old material, hope you dont mind, haven't slept for 48 hours and things are buzzing in me head.

fordson grad said...

bro this is funny. could you make some more.