14 June 2008

Off to Lubnan

My family and I will be leaving for Lubnan in two days. I went to the studio yesterday and emptied my entire library of books into almost two dozen boxes, which I stuffed into our little car, which I am shipping to Lubnan (the whole car full of books) via a big sea ship across the Atlantic. I hope to revive my library somewhere in Lubnan. I have some book shelves, a drafting table, easle, and a few paintings left, which I will store in my brother's garage. Thus ends 29.8 years of accumulation of material stuff in the U.S., a period which includes 12.4 years of marriage and 10.97 years of raising children.

It is customary for our people that when a person sets out on a long journey, one asks for forgiveness from all his acquaintances in the land that he is leaving, in case perchance he has wronged them somehow, and in the event that misfortune or ill may befall him on the way of his travels, and he does not receive another opportunity to ask for forgiveness. So please forgive me and my family for any maltreatment, gossip, or any physical, emotional or monetary harm we may have inadvertently or knowingly caused you.

See you in Lubnan!


razan said...

i want to see you!
email me once you're here:
and have a safe trip you and your family.

yaman said...

Good luck with your travels :) If you manage to make it to Damascus some time this summer, try to get in touch with me. I would love to meet you. I will do the same if I make it to Beirut.

"the Dude" said...

Happy Fathers Day. You are leaving my home country and returning to your own, blessed be the journey.

poshlemon said...


I am confused. Have you moved to Lebanon for good or what?

If so, then we may be able to meet nshalla.

Regardless, have a great time with your wife and children in Lebanon.

alzaher said...

تروح وترجع بالسلامة يا أبا وعد

transient said...

only because I know you'll check your blog and possibly post as soon as you get to Tyr...

Hey buddy, sorry I didn't get to see you before you left, but I'll see you in one week (inshallah).
Leave the adventures for when I get there.

Wassim said...

Good luck ya IBJ,
I hope you have a safe journey there. Are you moving there permanently? I hope to meet you and your lovely family one day.


Pierre Tristam said...

Lucky you. You break my heart with longing for my old land.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

sorry to cause the confusion, friends. To clarify: in the unlikely chance that i find employment teaching at some prestegious school during my summer stay in Lubnan, the plan is that i will return to the U.S. and teach there for one more year, during which time I will work very hard on applying to any and every school that will give me a decent amount of money, either in Lubnan or in the gulf. In the meantime, my wife and kids are staying in Lubnan. We will try our hands at Lebanese education for the kids and see how it goes.

Laayla said...

Bismehe Ta3ala,

Assalam Alikum.

Is your family staying in Beriut or in the south?


poshlemon said...


all the best. I hope it all works out. Nothing is without its pitfalls. But, it's all worth it as long you're doing what you want to do.