30 May 2008

5 Days Until . . . .

. . . . my family and I will smell, see, touch and taste the lovely red soil of Lubnan.

I promised my 9 year old son, who is infatuated with geography and nature, that we will visit the highest white peaks of the Lebanese Mountains, and explore the blue sea, and roam amongst the hills and valleys of the South, and swim in all kinds of rivers, and climb all the fig and olive trees.



yaman said...

Have a safe trip! I will be in Damascus in only 26 days, maybe I will get a chance to come to Beirut :)

poshlemon said...

Isn't that great :)

But hey don't promise your kid too many things hehe He's gonna hold you to them. Kids never forget hehe. He might actually make you take him swimming in all the rivers and stuff.

I am very happy for you. I can't wait to be in Lebanon in mid July too.

Wassim said...

Have a wonderful time! I hope to go there too one day

poshlemon said...


you have to while it's still good! (bad joke?)

transient said...

Hey IBJ, don't go to all those places without me.
I want my kids to see all that (but i never promise) life is full of disapointments as is.
Anyway, sould be fun.