12 February 2008


Our friend TRANSIENT has embarked on that ever elusive dream that many of us have had at one time or another, of a cafe where you serve something tasty and healthy, have art on the wall, and all your friends come to hang out! They've named it SIRAJ, a different kind of place from your usual Lebanese restaurant, specializing in fool, fatteh, hoummous, msabbaha, and other traditional Lebanese breakfasts. (Baid b Awarma? yes. Sawda Nayyeh w Ma3alee2? No!) Oh, and of course, their falafel is the best!

Also, my paintings are featured on the walls of the place, to surround you with all kinds of confusing western abstract art as you enjoy your eastern food, listen to shouts of "ya m3allem!" and take in mirthful whiffs of garlic and zeit.


Mar said...

sooonnnnnnnnn :)

poshlemon said...


poshlemon said...

Ibn Bint Jbeil,

re7na la 3and transient w shefna souwar siraj, but where are your paintings? hehe

Have a word with transient, please.

Lana said...

yay! OTHER needs to go there for breakfast...

I call a meeting at Siraj, but not at 6 in the morning : )