25 January 2008


Indeed, Gaza has liberated Egypt, and all the Arabs (regimes,) from themselves, from their atrocious silence and inept cowardice. Common people who could no longer stand the suffocation of their giant concentration camp, broke free like a bird breaking free of a cage with the mere flesh of its bare breast. With this act, they've slapped the faces of these non-leaders, they've forced these Arab "presidents" and "kings" to hide their faces in the depths of their shameful, bloody guilt.


Wassim said...

يا ريت هههههه
هاو أر يو ابن بنت جبيل؟

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

innani fine-non.

Elldor Ergyen said...

thanks to the party of fervor.

Arima said...

It's great to see Gazans making such a strong point like this. However, I think it's aimed at the wrong people and simply gives many a bad impression. It is infact Israel that is oppressing them and so it would be wonderful to see them doing this kind of mass 'liberation' on the Occupied Territories/ Israeli border!
Not that I am supporting Egypt's pitiful government which has definitely stood back for too long and just watched the atrocities being committed just a few miles away!
I do whole-hearedly support this gesture and indeed it was necessary (in a situation where there was no alternative) but perhaps it would be better directed at another border

alzaher said...

you are totaly right ya abu waad
iam looking forward to the day we liberate egypt from mubarak too

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

arima, the problem is, any action on the izraeli border would be nothing less than an act of war, and would be met with a response of all-out war. the egyptian government, the front line of the "arab facade of governments" on the gaza frontier, is complicit in the siege of gaza. this action on the egyptian border indeed does make the egyptian government look bad, and it rightfully should. the choice of that side of the gaza border for such an action was the only choice they had to BUST OUT of prison.

Nas said...

I hear ya loud and clear. I wonder what the other Arab leaders will do in response. Will they play the "we-love-you-guys-but-can't-help" card or will something really drastic happen. For some odd reason, a reason beyond pessimism, I highly doubt the latter will occur, but only time will tell.

transient said...

This is pathetic, let Gaza break free any way possible, in any direction possible. It is up to the rest of us to find the answers instead of sitting criticising their reaction, their reaction is to find a way to survive.
The hell with the Arab states for letting it get to this point. Of course the main blame goes to Izrael, but why is the rest of the world silent? Those who supposedly fight for human rights ignore Palestine.
Never blame the victim.