08 January 2008

My interview on LebRecord

LebRecord is an online arts magazine that is organized by Mr. Maroun Kassab and others, and which highlights and promotes Lebanese visual artists. I am the featured artist for the month of January 2008. Please visit, click on the "Featured Artist" section, and read the interview (click on "interview" above my picture).

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poshlemon said...

Ibn Bint Jbeil,

it is so good to be back after so long and read about your great news :) I hope it all goes this way for you this year. I had no idea that you have a website. Was it ever advertised for on your blog? Anyways, it seems interesting and very huge so I'll have to relax and go through it bit by bit.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

thank you poshy, and welcome back. looking forward to your reactions to the website.

the mediator said...

hey, i was trying to post a comment the other day (internet was not being nice to me!), i saw your work and really liked it; i loved the second piece. i think the forms were beautiful. i don't know, there was just something about it. it's a place i'd like to visit.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

thanks mariam. which place would you like to visit? there are two places in that painting. see a larger version HERE

the mediator said...

hahah. i like that you actually asked me which place i'd like to visit, because i was serious :).

The top right hand corner, in the sunlight's scope. i imagine the sun would peek in through the leaves and branches, and shadows would be circling on the floor. I'd like to watch them.

poshlemon said...


do you have a commenting section for the items on your website? I have gone through many items I wanted to comment on. I have to say there is a drawing that I love. It is the first to the left in your "Drawings" section. Too bad there is no zoom option for it.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

tayyeb what about the lower left corner? dark shadows are also nice to visit sometimes. btw i was admiring that "green lands" painting. aymta baddik tkhallseeha?

i have a guestbook thingy where you can comment. go to the "contact" section then to the guestbook. yeah that drawing section is slow in coming. the difficulty with that one is scanning drawings from my sketchbooks, then cleaning them up. takes time. maybe soon.

the mediator said...

in response to your comment:


nope, not watercolour, all oil paint, but i just paint in circles i guess :)

the two flying visitors are the 'kite' creatures and the girl on the pseudo-balloon has no name till now. she was born with no name and i guess i just kept her that way. i don't like to interfere heheheheh.

hhhhmmm. the lower left hand corner: i'd probably visit it after sitting up high. at like 6 p.m, i'd retreat somewhere. yup that would be the place :).

the green lands painting, im glad u like it...it's waiting for me on the floor...i know what the details i want to add are but i can't do it yet...i'll give it a week, if i can't add them, then it means that it's done. i'll just add the signature and it will be set to travel somewhere else. hopefully whoever takes it won't put it on the floor ;)

untreated canvas said...

Bra, ya such a egomaniac, broaa. Gnomsain.