01 January 2008

Lebanese Politics Song #2

(Also listen to "Lebanese Politics Song" #1 - scroll down to my December 9 post)


Rima said...

is this the dialogue they speak of?

Christoph Dinkela´ker said...

Dear Bloggers,

my name´s Christoph, I am a 24-year old Germany Student who has lived in Lebanon for some time and engaged in research in Lebanon. At the beginning of this year two colleagues and I went to Lebanon to do survey among 1500 lebanese at more than 20 faculties about political and religious values.

For a class at university I am these days preparing a fictional Memorandum of Understanding between Hizbollah and Mustaqbal as the two most powerful actors of the opposing camps in order to overcome the current crisis in Lebanon. I´d be grateful for critics and remarks wether the approach is realistic, about the inaccuracies, main misconceptions etc.
Before stating the fictional Memorandum I am going to list the main interests of the respective movement and the main accusations towards the other.

You can forward this email to friends.

Here´s the blog: alsharq.blogspot.com
Thank you for contributing!!! Best Wishes!