28 January 2008

واستخدم الشمعة ...

عن جريدة البلد

و تعليق



Mar said...

yeah candles are more romantic :/ mala balad it's beyond disgusting.

Im in Michigan... should give u a call soon!

Wassim said...

A little background please? What's going on there?

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...


this boy-politician (by inheritance, like so many others) is criticizing a certain segment of the population that cannot afford to pay for their utilities - utilities that are intermittent and unreliable. so he says here that there are no unpaid utility bills on his conscience. to that the newspaper responded with a sarcastic addition, "and i rely on candles."
this is an obvious jab at the economic nature of the divide between common folk and those who are privileged and powerful, those who get their bills paid for them.

سمر said...

lol :D

nshalla ma yghallo l shame3 bel balad.. :p

poshlemon said...

w ayya! ba3ed na2es yegla l shame3.