09 December 2007

"The Lebanese Politics Song"

I'm calling this song "The Lebanese Politics Song", just because!

Well, actually, every aspect of the song reminds of Lebanese politics, Lebanese political players, and political grappling in general.

Lyrics below the video.. just remember, it costs all of seven cents!

(Music, singing, and animation by Bud Luckey, lyrics by Donald Hadley. 1971 Sesame Street.)

One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven!

Said the Alligator King to his seven sons,

"I'm feelin' mighty down.
Whichever of you can cheer me up
Will get to wear my crown."

His first son brought seven oyster pearls
From the bottom of the China Sea.
The second gave him seven statues of girls
With clocks where their stomachs should be.

The third son gave him seven rubies
From the Sheikdom of Down There Beneath.
The King thought the rubies were cherries
And he broke off seven of his teeth.

The fourth son tried to cheer him up
With seven lemon drops.
The King said, "I'm sorry son,
Since that ruby episode, I just haven't got the chops!"

The fifth son brought the King perfume
In seven fancy silver jars.
The King took a whiff and he broke out in spots
'Cause it smelled like cheap cigars.

The sixth son gave him seven diamond rings
To wear upon his toes.
The King snagged his foot on the Royal Red Rug
And crumpled up his nose.

The seventh son of the Alligator King
Was a thoughtful little whelp.

He said, "Daddy, it appears to me
That you could use a little help."

Said the Alligator King to his seventh son,
"My son, you win the crown!
You didn't bring me diamonds or rubies, but
You helped me up when I was down.

Take this crown, it's yours my son.
I hope you don't mind the dents;
I got it on sale at a discount store,
It cost me all of seven cents!"



AM said...

It reminds me of the stories they used to make us read when younger, in order to understand the moral lesson at the end ...

7 cents! you need much more than that to take the risk to be involved in Lebanese politics ...

alzaher said...

i dont think the song is limited to lebanon,it can be apllied to almost every arab country

poshlemon said...

Ibn Bint Jbeil,

funny :) 1971! wow!