05 November 2007

For Lebanon's Presidency..

Saba is asking for your vote to be the next President of the Republic of Lebanon.

Her campaign slogan:
          • Fraternity, Dignity, Agriculture
Her qualifications and ideas:
        • She is a citizen of Lebanon.
        • She is 10 years old.
        • She has been lovingly taking care of a younger brother and sister for a long time.
        • She is an excellent artist, and loves music.
        • She has never hurt anyone.
        • She dreams of a day when everyone in Lebanon will be protected and have easy access to:
          • good health care,
          • good education,
          • safe food from our own farms,
          • clean water, land and air,
          • great art and poetry,
          • dignity beyond compare.
(click image for larger view)
"Saba Bazzi for President of Lebanon" is now a cause on facebook. Click here to join it!


poshlemon said...

I think Saba would be a better candidate than the other hillbillies who have nominated themselves. [not that I am being derogatory about hillbillies... I have total respect for them. I mean that the other candidates seem to be living far off from the reality of the politically sensitive situation of Lebanon... hence, the usage of the term hillbilly]

But, Ibn Bint Jbeil, Saba marooniyeh shi? eza la2, ma bzon byemshe el 7al. heik el 2anoon, hek badda l dawleh :|

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

posh, the deficiencies of the other candidates is precisely why saba is running. she listed her qualifications and positions for that purpose.

as far as the rules of the dawleh, saba and i discussed that, and decided that they weren't very relevant. but if you must know, yes, saba is a maronite.

Zinjabeelah said...

She'll get my vote, when they let us overseas lubnaaniyeen vote in absentia.

Great blog, and I love your photo blog, too!

Anonymous said...

She's got my vote!

transient said...

I would love to vote for her, but I'm afraid that a logical and perfect candidate for president of Lebanon just is not allowed. We can only vote for the people who will cheat us of a future. It's in the constitution.

Amre El-Abyad said...

Dear Ibn Bin Jbiel,

The girl looks green and full of hope. I wish we had presidents like her all over the Arab world. But don't you think thatmaking the girl with viel which is a symbol of political Islam unfair to country like Lebanon which is traditionally multi religous and happens to be the bridge between Arab world and Europe? Even the the owrd Europe is taken from a Lebanese godess

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

Zinjabeelah and Sietske, she says thanks!

Transient, you gots to be more hopeful for better possibilities, especially when we're making them up as we go along!

I did not "make" the girl with a veil, as in design a poster with a generic veiled girl, I merely took a picture of the actual candidate, who is my daughter. She is running for president in all honesty and against all odds, even if her face will not appear on any voting ballot this coming election, and her name will not be uttered in any parliamentary hall, an her platform will not be recounted by any mainstream media.

She is not in a veil because she is a symbol for anything; she is in a veil because that is her everyday dress. As future President of the Republic of Lebanon, she is only accountable to the people of Lebanon, not to Europe or any other regional considerations. She chooses to represent all the diverse people in Lebanon just as who she is, and based on the ideas she proposes.

Amre El-Abyad said...

In that case I suggest that she sets up a party of her own, so I can follow suit in Egypt:)

poshlemon said...

Ibn Bint Jbeil,

it's like everyday I get to know more about you. So this young lady here running for president is your daughter? I am in :) [aslan eleh aleb 2oul la2? lol]

I actually got to see your son's blog area too :) God bless your children and family. They are lovely and take a lot from you.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

Amre, no political parties, no politicians. We're trying to do this in a non-standardized way. She is running as an un-politician.

Posh, yalla, you want to be a regional director of her campaign? I envision throngs of everyday people forgetting all their old affiliations and flocking to the innocent teachings of a ten-year old.

George said...

Ibn Bint Jbeil, can you please populate a list of Saba's cabinet if she were to win. I need to know before I cast my vote.

thank you.


Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

George, As long as you do not have any previous experience in politics, you are hereby invited to nominate yourself for any cabinet post in which you feel you would best be innovative and in service of the least of God's children.

alzaher said...

she has my vote

C.Sydow said...

i d vote for her if i was lebanese.