30 November 2007

The BIG news . . .

We just received word that our friend Jackie Salloum's film SLINGSHOT HIP HOP has made it into Sundance!!!!! It's been a long time coming, but Jackie finally finished the film and made it into this very prestigious film festival!

She's reworking her website as well as a new film trailer, but in the meantime check out the old trailer below, on which I assisted her with translation of the subtitles:

Jackie's first film work was the music video montage below, which she created for the Palestinian Hip Hop group DAM's song "Meen Irhabi" ("Who's the Terrorist")

Slingshot Hip Hop is not the first time that a film by our illustrious Jackie gets into Sundance, although it is her first feature-length one. In 2005, her short parody of stereotypical Hollywood terrorist propaganda films, Planet of the Arabs, was also selected by Sundance:



alzaher said...

i saw "planet if the arabs " before
what is teh new film about?

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

Alzaher, welcome.

Slingshot Hip Hop is a documentary about various youth in Gaza, the West Bank, and 48Palestine who have picked up hip hop as an artistic expression of their situation. Jackie met one group, DAM, about 6 years ago or so after she created the video montage for their song Meen Irhabi; then she discovered that there are so many groups throughout Palestine, but not as developed musically as DAM. (at the time DAM was the only group that had ever recorded a song in a studio.) The other groups were just street musicians, literally, without any resources. And the amazing thing about it is that many of the groups did not know each other, because the West Bank and Gaza and 48Palestine are all separated from each other militarily and Palestinians are not allowed to cross over into each other's areas. So Jackie's documentary is uniting their cause and telling their stories.

watch the trailer above (video #1.) This is the first trailer that Jackie made for the film; I want to brag and say that I helped Jackie write translation for some of the subtitles on it. With this trailer, she raised funds to go back to Palestine many times over the last few years and shoot more footage; It has been a difficult journey for her; harrasment by the Izraelis, hostilities breaking out, losing footage, etc. She put her life at risk many times. Now she is finished with the film, and also is putting together a new trailer in time for the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. It's very exciting.

AM said...

I like it ... a splendid way to change the image the world has of Arabs and getting the message through music, so well done!

I think she very much deserves the recognition ... and mabrouk to you too.

Wassim said...

Thanks for this, I'll definitely keep an eye out for it. By the way that Meen Erhabi song is quite catchy! Someone I met in Syria had it as a ring tone - tres cool! ;)

Wassim said...

I just watched Planet of the Arabs again. That is such a good clip!

poshlemon said...

Ibn Bint Jbeil,

well, congrats to Jackie. It seems very interesting. Would like a copy or something, hehe. By the way, DAM and Ramallah Underground were invited by the SOAS Palestinian Society to SOAS last year in October. Not my kind of music, but it is a new breath. Actually, their cds were being sold at the concert and they were popular with a lot of other people there, many of them foreigners who don't speak or understand Arabic. Encouraging enough!

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

am, no mabrooks to me, ana ma khasni, she did all the work.

wassim & posh & everyone, i'll update this blog when we find out when/where she will be screening the film. none of us will see any of it (except the trailer) before sundance, and after sundance, i don’t know yet what the plans are.

Sophia said...

It gives hope. Bravo Jackie

alzaher said...

do u have jackie's contacts?
i would like to invite her to cairo's anti-war conference next march isa

transient said...

IBJ, if jackie's site doesn't have the trailer and you have an old clip, was that the trailer Debbie Shlucki mentioned?

anyway anot sure if you included this