15 September 2007

Sabra & Shatila Massacres

On the 25th Anniversary of the Sabra & Shatila Massacres by Izraeli & Phalangist thugs, we send prayers of peace and love, during this sacred month, to the innocent souls of our Palestinian brothers & sisters, may they reside in tranquility with their Creator, and my Allah connect between themselves and ourselves with goodwill and fraternity, and may He continuously frustrate the hands of their murderers.

art below: Adnan Yahya


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Anonymous said...

this massacre is worst than 9/11.if someone was to denied 9/11 how would an american think of him.in the name of secracy many goverments commit grave atrocities in the world today and even before the united nation was establish.in the world today ,its a common culture amoung all levels of leadership that their way of conducting business is made up of lies,false promises and the subjugation of justice in all manor.if a person kills an innocent human being,it is like killing the entire human race.3500 innocent civilians was promise secuerity by many leaders,only to realise that it was not true.WAS ANYBODY BEING CHARGE WITH WAR CRIME AND BEING PUT IN PRESONS FOR THE MASSACRE OF SABAN AND SHATILA.WHY NOT?