02 September 2007

The Destruction of Nahr elBared, 2007

The victory of the Lebanese army over the thugs in the Nahr elBared Refugee camp is being celebrated as the most wonderful of victories, because it is seen as a victory that has united the Lebanese. It seems that this victory has brought to the Lebanese and to the Lebanese army a much need boost of confidence and pride. But at what price?

The Devastation of Nahr elBared can only be described as "shock and awe" that makes the hyper-militarist George Bush & Israeli Army look like schoolyard bullies. Some Lebanese would say that it is un-Lebanese or un-patriotic to complain about the destruction, that the army had to do what it had to do. While it was necessary to deal with Fath-el-Shaytan, it was not necessary to destroy the homes of thousands. It is peculiar that the army was cornered into this fight while the truth about the origins of Fath-el-Shaytan and their backers remains undisclosed.

I submit that it is not anti-Lebanese to feel disgusted at the complete destruction of an entire society: Nahr elBared was home to 30 thousand civilians, four generations who have lived there since 1948, a community that has coexisted with the Lebanese since that time. But this would be the second time that they are expelled and their home utterly destroyed, after they were expelled from Palestine in 1948. To assume that they deserve this because as Palestinians they harbored Fath-el-Shaytan is a racist hateful mentality. It would be like saying that it was ok for Israhell to completely destroy civilian life in South Lebanon in their fight with Hizballah, or to say that it was ok to destroy Christian civilian areas during the Aoun-Gaegae war because civilians were harboring fighters of either side, or to say that it is ok to destroy Iraqi neighborhoods in their entirety because Al-Qaeda hides in their midst. To support the civilians of Nahr elBared and feel bad for their loss of their home does not mean support for Fath-el-Shaytan, nor does it mean one is anti-Lebanese; on the contrary - we Lebanese must evolve to a higher standard, away from petty sectarianism amongst ourselves and petty racism against others who live in Lebanon, who labor at slave wages for the benefit of the Lebanese themselves.

As far as the destruction of Nahr elBared, who is most elated and joyful today? I cannot help but think of hateful fascists such as Hurras-el-Arz who openly avow the killing of all Palestinians in Lebanon. If there are some Lebanese who are happy to feel like Hurras-el-Arz at the sight of Nahr elBared, then that reveals something deeply rotten about the psyche of some Lebanese.



Amre El-Abyad said...
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Wassim said...

I would have said this is a nice clip if the content wasn't so sad. Can the Lebanese state sink any lower?

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

amre, i do not think it is proper for you to request rational discussion, given the hateful racist sectrian rants that you are known for.

wassim, not all lebanese are in the same state. i hope you read the article that i added to the video.

Amre El-Abyad said...
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Ibn Bint Jbeil said...


i do not wish to go into a discourse about racial/nationalist competition. i understand that these topics are of primary importance on your blog. if anyone wishes to go into them, they can visit your blog and get their fill of your brand of arab nationalism, which i disagree with.

i do not think that you are very respectful of shiaa, you have not been in the past. i am a muslim in thought, an arab in nationality, a shia in school. but i would not think of myself as arab based on the elimination of non-arabs. my parents were arab nationalists and marched in countless nasserite rallies in beirut and in south lebanon, and wept at his funeral, and i myself spent my youth in ardent activism in defense of palestine. i do not need you to teach me anything about myself.

anyway, the whole baathis & saddam issue is of great debate. you think he's an angel, i think he's a devil. you think he's a liberator, i think he's a mass murderer.

i understand you have an issue with iran; many people do, including some iranians, for various reasons. i am primarily concerned with lebanon and palestine.

as far as lebanon, syria and iraq, i agree with you, but how about a true civil society governing egypt, jordan, saudi arabia as well? those are tyrranical regimes just as saddam was.

but if you come to my blog, please respect it. do not spew racist hate as usual. try to stick to the topic of the post. after all, you are visiting here. aren't there arab custom of cordial akhlak that we pride ourselves on?

and lastly, please do not assume anything about me or my affiliation, simply because of my faith. you have your outlook, and i have mine.

Adnan said...

Regardless of the typing errors, this is a very good article that focuses on one aspect of what happens in Nahr Al Bared. There is more to this destruction than fighting Fath Ashaytan as you might have rightfully called them. I is happening there should be seen in the overall picture of what is being done for rebuilding the NEW MIDDLE EAST. For this NEW MIDDLE EAST to take place, the major obstacle, solving the Palestian Question, must be cleared. Our brethren Arab Democratic rulers know that removing this obstacle must happen according the Israeli-American plan and they are working diligently to accomplish this in every Arab country and Lebanese Ruling gant is one of them.

nightS said...

nice video...or i don't know what to say..i don't mean the content is "happy" nice...i meant it's nicely done and delivered...:)

poshlemon said...

As one politician put it, I would rather call them Hurras-el-Fejel or Hurras-el-Batenjein.

I agree with you on almost everything. I read your debate with amre, however I am too tired to add any comments, only in concordance with what you say.

On the Nahr al-Bared issue, I am more than elated to learn that it is all over. I am very proud of the Lebanese army and the fact that they put up a fight they probably were not ready for in the first place. As for the Palestinians, I completely sympathize with them. I hope a solution will be devised soon. I hope there will be some sort of compensation, althoug at this point, material compensation does not bring back lost lives. Apart from this, I don't what to say.

Nupep said...

man! You nigaz are crazy!

River Chills said...

Very strange. I too am proud of the army, but am fearful of having to rely on them for some real protection. If it took this long to deal with a hired malitia, how will they protect Lebanon from the constant threat of Izrael? And didn't they fall into a trap of brutality? Didn't their staged fight grant validity to other wars which will come back to terrorize Lebanon in the name of fighting terror?
It seems to set an ackward precedent of which may not become clear until years from now. And will it ever be clear as to who brought this element into Lebanon and what elements are dormant waiting for a spark. Is Lebanon again set-up for a divide and conquer?

Wassim said...

Sorry I had missed that article the first time!

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

hi wassim,

i first posted the video and was still working on the article. are you thinking about translating it into arabic for me?

Ilham said...

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alzaher said...

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