06 September 2007

Doris Bittar at Nahr elBared in 2002

After reading my Sept 2 post, painter-photographer Doris Bittar sent me a few thoughts, as well as the pictures below.

She told me about a trip to Narh el-Bared in 2002:

"We stayed overnight in the camp and then traveled with our friends to Syria. Our friend Jamal is from San Diego but his parents remain in the camp. His mother had the most lovely kitchen and a roof top with a garden, a space to dream while you looked out to the sea to the west and the high mountains to the east.

"I was interested in the rich personal spaces that people create for themselves in the camp, in this unpromising environment. Jamal's mother, like so many Palestinian women, made a special home for her family. I attached a portrait collage of her in her kitchen."


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Not Bitter said...

cool, I love Doris.