22 September 2007

Architecture & Exploration

After my last post and the discussion that ensued with POSHLEMON on certain topics of architectural types & details found in Lebanon and Palestine, and their probable socio-historical context, I asked her to look into a few more buildings, specifically located in my hometown of Bint Jbeil. This is not a light subject for me. My family was expelled from the town with the first Israeli invasion in 1978, and endured a subsequent exile from there for the following 22 years; I myself was brought up first in Beirut and then in the West, cut off from a direct connection with my home town, and without a natural relationship with its land, its relics and itsهوا.

This state of waiting, longing, searching and dreaming that has accompanied many decades of my life has incarnated itself into my poetry (1) (2) (3) (4) and paintings, and has similarly been part of the writing and art of many Lebanese & Palestinian friends of my generation. (I will post in the near future about my paintings and the connotations of loss, place and identity in them.)

The war last year erased much of Bint Jbeil's architectural heritage; the Israelis targeted more specifically the center of town, which is the oldest and more significant part (culturally and archeologically.)

Therefore, far from just providing the esteemed Professor Posh with a few pictures to discuss, I've decided to make this a larger project of collecting and exploring those images. There are many images with which to grapple, and so I decided to move this discussion to a separate distinct blog. Is this super-obsessive on my part? Yes. Is that bad? I don't know.

The exploration of these images may be an academic excercise for Posh (I don't mean to say "academic" in the disconnected or trivial sense, because this is actually the subject matter of her professional academic pursuits,) but for me, it is an exploration of heritage, memory and self.

So go ahead and click on the archway below to go the new blog:

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