17 September 2007

Abuse in Lebanese Households

graphic above © Ibn Bint Jbeil 2005

On his blog, Moussa Bashir highlights the disturbing issue of the widespread abuse inflicted on foreign domestic workers in Lebanese households. It is something to be ashamed of. Any family that invites a young woman into their home as a live-in domestic worker should treat her as a sister or a daughter; anything less is expressive of that family's illness, as well as a societal illness.

I want to say that I feel proud when a fellow lebanese such as Mr. Bashir stands up for what's right, even if that be contrary to the mainstream culture's expectations of what is prudent about a subject.

I truly believe that when belligerent Lebanese employers (and I do know that the problem also exists in other Arab countries) abuse their guest workers, whether it remains on the level of emotional abuse or reaches one level of physical abuse or another, that abusive employer is divulging their own weakness, self-hatred, identity confusion, racism, and a cycle of ceaseless societal abuse that is an integral aspect of the culture, and which must be abolished from our midst. GOD HELP US.

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M Bashir said...


Kounta Kinte said...

Amazing that with all the wrongs committed against our people we find some warped justification to treat others in an inhumane, demeaning, abusive manner. One would think, those who have been wronged would be champions of human rights and not act with such disgrace. I've seen domestic workers in Lebanon being dragged around like property standing at the ready for any whim of their "bosses" the "employer" seems to treat them as slaves holding them on call 24hrs even taking them on vacation to serve them at all hours.

But is seems that a rebellion is coming as it did in Africa against Lebanese businessmen. Minor repercussions, such as children being raised by domestics have become attached to their nanny more than their mothers. The Lebanese have become more and more stagnant and lazy. This will come back to haunt us as all injustice will.

alzaher said...

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