29 August 2007

Perpetual Arab Crisis تأزم عربي متوالد

Graphic © Ibn Bint Jbeil 2006


alzaher said...

لم أفهم العنوان ولكني إستمعت باللوحة

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...


we cannot deny the social- political- economic- cultural- historical- pshychological
crisis which has gripped and crippled the arab world, on a national level, community level, and individual level, and which has lasted for over 400 years, but more intensely over the last 100 years, and reached its heights politically in 1916-17 (sykes-picot & balfour,) 1922 (league of nations mandate,) 1948 (nakba,) 1967 (six day war,) 1979 (egyptian surrender,) 1982 (israeli occupation of beirut,) 1991 (beginning of american invasion and occupation,) 1993 (plo surrender,) etc..

these are just the national political milestones of crisis, which have lent themselves to a breakdown of will on many levels, cultural, psychological, etc.

but of course we cannot forget the antithesis of these, the positive political highpoints, such as the emancipation of egypt in 1952, the unity between egypt and syria 1958-61, the rising of the palestinian nation in 1987, the expulsion of israel from lebanon in 2000, etc., and we need more of these; these positive political milestornes also have lent themselves culturally, psychological, etc.., yet in a positive way, to the minds of arab people and to arab society.

Solomon2 said...

Then do you think titling your piece "Perennial Arab Crisis" might have been more appropriate?

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

no solomon i would not, simply because our sense of a perpetual crisis is such that we recognize that each occurance of a shortcoming or failure has lent itself to another, whereas we do not recognize necessarily that it is infinite or indefinite or necessarily reccuring. we recognize the crisis of occupation and oppression heaved upon us, as well as mistakes on our part to ourselves, and we must recognize that we must reject ALL of these.

yaman said...

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