08 August 2007

The New Kataeb Tree

I've always been fascinated with the modernesque simplicity of political symbols/logos, which serve the purpose of rounding up the masses, especially logos that are extremely simple and abstract, such as the Kataeb (Lebanese Phalanges Party) tree, for example.

Here is the modified hierarchy of the New Kataeb Tree (which was very hierarchal in its symbolism to begin with, anyway.)

(click on the New Kataeb Tree above to see a huge version)

The original Kataeb Tree:


Anonymous said...


Abouk 3al Khatt said...



Ibn Bint Jbeil said...


i am glad that you were properly pissed off. may you be pissed off more in the future.

Arabi Min Al-Urdun said...

ta7iya la bint jbeil w shabab bint jbeil al abtal. w ta7iya arabiya li batal al 3urooba sayid hassan.

tfu ala al kataeb w kul al khawan !

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

arabi, all people need in the arab world is:

1) leadership that actually represent their people: not military dictators or royal dictators, or worse, royal military dictators;
2) a brave population;
3) honesty, commitment and the truth from both leadership and population.

this will result in millions of examples of triumph on many levels, including social, cultural, political, and all else.

Rasha Bint AlNajaf said...

salam alakum Mr. Ibn Bint Jebil, nice i like this New Kataeb Tree, the last one was pretty funny, its missing saddam hhhh, job well done!!! (i noticed not even one of them looks nice hmmm...)

peace wel ra7ma

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

Hi Rasha! good to hear from you! how's college? come by the classroom and visit your old stomping ground. the school year starts in 2 weeks, and you're more than welcome. (by the way, my classroom moved to the second floor.)

alzaher said...

but also very true

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

an anonymous person posted a comment for this post that was full of filth and cussing.

and since she/he entered my blog and chose to interject her/his little bit of "wisdom" into this space, and since the comment was a bit amusing, i felt that it was necessary to go ahead and allow his/her comment to be posted here, but, alas, of course, pray tell, you see, not without my own interjection into her/his words.

actually i'm going to assume that it was a guy, because his language was dripping with testosterone, hair grease, car grease, chicken grease, and machine-gun cleaning grease.

this person said something about the kataeb saving lebanon from syria. whereas in truth, syria saved the kataeb, since the kataeb invited syria into lebanon, albeit under the guise of the lebanese government at the time, which hung like an old yoyo from the back pocket of the kataeb in those days. sheikh pierre was an avid yoyo player.

the commentor also said some racist words about arabs. i don't need to repeat them. you can imagine your own if you like. i mean, how lame is that?

he made the claim that lebanese are phoenicians, and something about the color purple, i think. then told me to go to another country. i won't say which one.

then he said: "WE OWN LEBANON!" ummm, who's "we"? that one was just plain neanderthal.

he also tried to explain the ACTUAL hierarchy of the kataeb tree, something like god, then family, then country, sounds a lot like the republican party. or maybe he said that it was family, then cousins, then region. i forgot. whatever the actual official statement about the hierarchical symbolism of the kataeb tree, i don't believe it; and neither should you. the one i've posted here is actually the one based in reality.