25 August 2007

Whach is Whit?

When you vote, are you voting your mind?
When you vote, are all options given to you?
When you vote, what do you get?
When you vote, what do they get?
When you vote, who wins?



poshlemon said...

Tough questions to answer ?!

However, I think Obama would be a more interesting candidate to vote for although he is accused of being inexperienced. In a CNN interview, he commented that Bush and Cheney took on the job with more than enough experience and we know where that has taken us! He is an American of African descent, of some sort of a Muslim background but also a baptized Christian. I think this alone is enough to appeal to the minorities in America, if not the Americans altogether. His political agenda seems very reasonable, something the American administration has lacked since Bush came to power. There was a concern that maybe Obama and Clinton would run together as president and vice presidet, however we are faced with 2 scenarious: if Clinton were to run for president with Obama as vice president, criticism would circulate around how an African American was ousted from presidency for his background, hence, racism; if otherwise, then criticism would be in favor of Clinton and the fact that she may have been disregarded for being a woman. Regardless to say, both are good candidates. But, I am inclined towards Obama. Let's see, he might make a slight difference or be as bad as the administration(s) that preceded him.

Barak Obama said...

Hey Guy,

Greetings from California. I just arrived yesterday. Decided to go ahead with my dreams at acting. Anyways, How are you doing? Splendid. I hope? Found this small, but remarkably cheap apartment by Southern California standards in Long Beach. Think I am gonna reside there. It's smack in the middle of all the filming-- and it's safe. Not like what Snoop Doggy Dog Rapped about. After I had heard that song I thought, Long Beach is surely a ghetto haven. Very few black faces, though. In fact, Wikipedia has the number at just under 15 percent. Anyways, gotta run.

freshly squeezed said...

Poshlemon, dear are you ever mistaken. there is not good in any candidate. certainly interesting, but hell Bush is interesting. And barak denied his Arab name and is scared of his muslim ties as well as his skin.

poshlemon said...

freshly squeezed,

not wanting to go into details, Obama has been accused of attending a madrassa linked with the wahhabi tradition. He denied that only. He does not deny that his father was a muslim. However, it is his choice to choose his own faith and he has chosen to be a Christian. I don't see how that demonstrates being scared of his muslim ties or his skin.

freshly squeezed said...

try giving him a muslim donation.