22 July 2007

Martyr of the Pen

الذكرى العشرين لاستشهاد شهيد القلم،
شهيد الفقراء، شهيد الحقيقة
الفنان الاستاذ ناجي العلي

Twenty years ago today, the great artist Naji al-Ali was gunned down in cold blood in the streets of London, on orders of the fascist Israeli mossad, and in collaboration with the corrupt leadership of the PLO, and with the pleasure of the despotic Arab regimes & their masters, all of whom where targets of his honest, eloquent, scathing political cartoons.

My July 06, 2007 post on Naji al-Ali

My August 11, 2006 post on him



poshlemon said...

Certain people are born to be heroes.

davinca said...

again & again I come along your site to find my way to this little known part of the world - to the treasures of truth and art which are hidden there and burried and are fading away even to those who used to know - every now and then I must say thank you for sharing your memories and be a witness ...

I feel strongly connected to all suffering creatures and to all who fight against injustice and for a consciousness of awareness, for freedom of the human mind

thx for the touching music too ...

alzaher said...

here is an article i wrote a few months ago,it is about a film on naji and his icon "hanzlah"