12 June 2007

Tirelessly, the innocent are sacrificed

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موسيقى: "أسكلاي" للموسيقار النوبي الكبير حمزة الدين
Music: "Escalay" by Nubian composer & oud master Hamza el-Din.

رسم: جنى طرابلسي، جريدة الأخبار، لبنان
Drawing: Jana Trabolsi, Al-Akhbar daily newspaper, Lebanon.

drawing upper left: "Baghdad"

drawing upper right: "Gaza"

drawing lower left: "Nahr-el-Bared"


davinca said...

your blogg is very moving ... its painful to see what is going on in the Near East and around there:

I try to spread some words of wisdom and joy as good I can:

don't know if it gives a little comfort to see that you are not alone ... thx for sharing ... I will be back ...

Amre El-Abyad said...

If you like Nubian music, then i recommend "Ahmad Mounib" he is more of the Nubian Sayid Darwish