15 June 2007

قوم فوت نام

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الأغنية: "قوم فوت نام"،
من مسرحية "فيلم أميركي طويل" لزياد الرحباني، 1980

Song: "Oum Fout Nam",

from Ziad Rahbani's Farcical Play "A Very Long American Motion Picture", 1980.



nightS said...

ya allah sarla yawmen m3al2a 3alayye elghenneye :D

أمل said...

I love the pic

Mone said...

nice one.. I think the whole ME region is in deep nightmarish sleep

Khawwta said...

قوم فوت نام وصير حلام إنو بلدنا صارت بلد
قوم فوت نام بهالإيام حارة بيسكرها ولد

Wassim said...

Great pictures, but I can't play the song yet as I'm still at work!

Tooka said...

Very Nice...

Thought you'd be interested to know that I am alive again




nightS said...

hello there :)
i know you're still busy..bass i wanted to let you know that you can have some banners added and add the rest whenever you like...so if you have something ready we can do it :)

hope you're okay

White Wings said...

أغنية رائعة تعبر عن واقعنا العربي اليومي
سلام ومحبة من الكويت الى لبنان وأهلها