06 May 2007

The Mechanics of Politics & The Zealotry of the People

Instructions - -
One Arabic poem combined with one English song: either the Neil Young song that soars above the poem or the Bob Dylan song that slithers beneath the it.
Question is, which song belongs?

ميكانيكية السياسة وعنفوان الناس

لبن شؤم ظن جبن
خوف خون جهل لؤم

كره كيد طمع فقد

شتم سقط ضرب مقت

رذل مكر لهب فخر

عنف كبر شرس عهر

زور حسد دجل طرد

بطش غضب ضد نكد

سلب غصب ضمئ جشع

كذب نهب صخط فجع

فسد سرق حقد يأس

حرم غرق قتل بؤس


Wassim said...

Great song. The Heart of Gold can be interpreted in some very beautiful ways.

davinca said...

you don't know how happy it makes me to hear these songs here on your blog ...

by the way, Dylan is walking with Allen Ginsberg: Allen Ginsberg

thank you !!!