17 May 2007


in Palestine,
in Iraq,
in Lebanon ..
they are killing each other - - they are killing themselves,
over nothing.

The cartoons of Naji al-Ali are more truthful than ever.

translation: freedom to the political prisoners in israeli jails and jails throughout the arab world.

translation: "the south" (a reference to the south of lebanon.)

translation: the cast and sling together spell the word "NO."

translation: "i think, therefore i am."

translation: we are all for the homeland.

For more on Naji al-Ali, visit my august 11 post.


Anonymous said...

وهذا ما يجعلني أفقد إيماني بشيء اسمه قضية أو عروبة.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...


the way i see it, we can either lose faith in the "qadiya", in "3orouba", and in "lubnaniyya" as well,

or we can place our faith in the correct place, in the victims of this crisis, the people, who do not perpetrate violence against their brothers and sisters, and are not the perpetrators of the oppression, but are the victims of it. they are the very essence of the "qaddiya." jesus said: "what you do to the least of my brethen, you do unto me." jesus identified with the "least" of the people, the lowest of the low in society. these are the qadiyya; the millions of multitudes of oppressed men, women and children in all the lands, the common faces you see in naji al-ali's cartoons, they are the ones we cannot lose faith in.

Khawwta said...

haydi l fitni nihna baddna nwa2ifffa.. iza mich kirmalna. kirmal l ajyal l jdidi
ma fina nif2od l amal.. Allah kbir

JFK said...

Ich bin ein Berliner