21 April 2007

Me with Marcel

Who's got the Arabic keys?

!!!!!!!!!!!! To all Arabic language bloggers: HELP!! I wanted to transcribe and post this interview (video below) but I have no idea how to go about using a standard English keyboard and computer to type in Arabic. Anyone want to type it and send it to me, so that I can post it????????? If you choose to volunteer for this worthwhile task, please email me at ibnbintjbeil@hotmail.com

In 2002, when Marcel Khalife visited Detroit to perform at an open-air festival here, Transient and I caught up with him behind stage and conducted this quick interview just before he went onstage. Transient directed and I asked the questions. The audio isn't that good, it's an old tape.. maybe we'll get it cleaned up and re-posted in future.


Arif Khouri said...

Marcel wants to conduct another interview for his new Arabic language journal, "Arab Instrumentals". This time over the phone. He was impressed with the questions that were asked the first time. If interested please email me @ arifkhouri@yahoo.com

Arif Khouri, Marcel Khalife's aid

Khawwta said...

Since I love Marcel
I will :( I don't like typing

transient said...

Does this help???


Hassan said...

You can go to ebay.com or some other online store and buy little transparent stickers with arabic keys on them, that you can stick on your keyboard (that's what I've done). They sell them as a set, and it should come with a legend so you know which stickers go on which keys. If it doesnt, you can always check online on wikipedia or something.

Once you do that, you can open microsoft word or any other word processing program, choose an Arabic font, and type.

Hope that helps. :P

Mar said...

AMAZING!!! Wow ! Drastic change since 2002.. the series of dark events.. but his answers reflect the current situation.. amazing! Where was that?
You hair was longer.. I thought it's a new video and that you're going with the trend :)

Greetings to u n to ur lovely family