23 March 2007


choose 1:

[A] is more preposterous than {B}

{B} is more preposterous than [A]
description of choices:
Moments after new U.N. chief Ban Ki-Moon, performing at a press conference, announced that he would be bolstering U.N. staff in Iraq because the security situation was improving, a rocket exploded right outside the building and he ducked behind his podium in a most insecure manner.

Iraqi prime minsiter Nouri alMaliki, performing at same press conference, didn't even flinch, pretending instead that nothing was happening and that everything was normal, and then shooed away the bodyguards or whoever they were who approached the stage to offer help, and commanded them in his best poised, confident, alpha-arab-male barking voice:
"rooh rooh .... ROOH!" ("go go .... GO!")
Now see it:



bech said...

hilarious! the look on both faces is priceless..

alzaher said...

no,i still think malki is more preposterous
american agents are always like that