05 February 2007

Israeli Apartheid Week

( . . . . I'd like to suggest renaming it "End Israeli Apartheid Week".)

This group that is organizing "Israeli Apartheid Week" is active in Toronto, Montreal, Oxford, Cambridge, London, and New York City.

Click the picture above for their website.

The black spots on the maps are the cantons created within both South Africa and Palestine by both Apartheid regimes, also similar to 19th Century Native American reservations; the objective of such mass concentration areas is to sequester the millions of indigenous inhabitants of the original land in a perpetual stranglehold, a state of outside control, enslaved subjegation, and violent onlaught, leading to irrelevance, continuous expulsion, or outright extermination. In Palestine, the Apartheid Wall is being built by Israel to make these areas permanent.

For information on the Apartheid Wall in Palestine, visit my August 17 post.


Solomon2 said...

ibj, if only you were a free man your comments could be taken seriously! Sad to say, you are not, because your community would punish you seriously if you said otherwise. That you don't see that there is anything wrong with this just means you don't realize the depths of your oppression.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

Solomon1/2, your statement is full of abstractions. please read my words carefully without any dogmatic prejudice:

I do pray that I always recognise all wrong when I see it or experience it, whether it is in my community or in any other. But I still speak my mind and defend my brother.

But do see any wrong in your own community? I will not accuse you like you do me, but I will merely ask you - do you see your own? What is so right about Israeli occupation and hegemony? what would Jesus do about violent superiority of man over his brother?

It is not your standard or your politics which decide whether I am free. After all is said and done politically and in the world of major and minor media, those who live under the boot of others will continue to refuse it, whether it is a boot that comes from their own community or from an outside, infiltrating one.

Please do not insult my intelligence; it is a gift from my creator and I am expected to use it.

sde said...

So tell me Ibn Bint Jbeil , do you know that this Apartheid wall prevented more than 400 sucide attack in those 2 years, the number of the attcak per year is now less in 80%...this is "Life Wall"...and you can cry how much you want about Apartheid, but until your palestinians freinds will stop to do those attack, you will see this wall.
LOL, you the arabs never look on yourself, only blame the others...
if you were been peacfull people like Ghandi or something I would support you, but you actually start this war...until the second intifada the palestinians could go to israel easly without any check-points or walls...so you are the people who build this wall in the end...

tell me another thing, only yesterday 20 palestinians people killed, most of them innocents, if israel would kill them I guess you would yelled "Apartheid" , but what are you saying now...or I'm sure it israel fault again...:)

Mahatma Ghandi said...

you must have a good, truthful post if the Zionists have commented against you.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

sde, you would never be able to tell those who live under the humiliating subjegation of the Israeli army, directly to their faces, that they should and must be inslaved by the Israelis, that the Israelis have some kind of right to be their economic and military masters. Or would you? where is the Ghandi-ism in that? I do not and would not support violence committed against any civilian, by a member of one's own community or against anyone of any other community; but if you speak of Ghandi, then what justification do you have in supporting the Israeli regime, which form its inception and through today, has been built upon aggressive infiltration, terrorizing and expulsion of others, ethnic cleansing on a grand scale, military domination of millions, and economic strangulation of an entire nation? Violence against the innocent never justifies violence against the innocent, and you cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the massive violence of Israeli state terrorism.

Mone said...

I m shocked when these people post such negative comments when the post is purely positive..the return of people to their land...why change the subjects to such low level???
anyways, I do like the picture, the art work and its message...

Solomon2 said...

It is not your standard or your politics which decide whether I am free.

Really? Racist whites used to say this about negroes: "Look at them, they just need to sing and eat watermelon. They've got all the freedom they need, they don't need the freedom you and I have." What you wrote sums up the attitude of Uncle Tom, the hopeless slave in one of Harriet Beecher Stowe's novels.

One terrible thing about this that doesn't get acknowledged: there is no way to tell anymore when a Palestinian acts out of courage or out of fear from his own, save when the rare brave exception speaks up and openly sides with the Israelis. Rare, because they are immediately branded "collaborators" and shot without hearing or trial. Why did they choose to do it, then?

If you truly cared about oppression, why would you even think to put the relatively small matter of "Israeli oppression" ahead of the domination and damnation exercised by your brothers?

No one insults your intelligence, ibj. Many Arabs are all-too-willing to use their intelligence to create lies and blinds. If I point these things out they try to interrupt and change the subject, when I produce evidence they scream "G-d is great!" to drown me out.

The best I've been able to do is make many of them shut up out of extreme shame and embarassment. But as soon as I've left the room the lies and fibs start up again, and within minutes everyone is as full of pride and hubris as they were before.

Your blog reveals enough of your mind for me to know that you aren't totally locked into that state of mind. But I doubt you will ever take the steps needed to break out of it and free yourself and your people. Your intelligence is indeed a gift from my creator and you are expected to use it - but to what end?

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

the populations who live on the ground in places of turmoil, those innocents who do not transgress against the humanity of others nor do they support any such transgressions, the multitudes of peaceful families who are more humanitarian than those who take their humanity away, who are deprived their human rights and their freedom, understand freedom more than anyone else, and will never give up declaring their humanity and rights, and refutation of the military powers that step on them;

they understand freedom more than those who are in a position of privilege and power, who preach that they have everyone else's salvation in the palm of their hand, and then turn around and support mass military onslaughts on helpless populations.

more than those who consider themselves God's representatives on earth exclusively, in order to dismiss others as damned brutal savages, just because they do not share their faith.

more than those who place themselves on a pedestal of religious superiority, therefore finding "reason" for the control of others' lives.

more than those who celebrate their rhetorical mini-victories as moral justifications for occupation and enslavement of others.

more than those who allow super giants to invade the countries of others for their own gain, just because these powers speak with one kind of religious symbolism or another.

the people who are stepped on understand, desire & repect freedom, and are more humanitatian, than all taliban-esque bullies, of all religious stripes.

immak said...

Collaborators do it out of desparation, they need the money, your country didn't leave them much hope or choice, or family. Why do some Jews jump ship? Because they finally recognize the Evil core of the Izraeli State.

Solo-man, your a prick in king's clothing.

abbas said...

How about take out the word, "week" too--so "end Israeli apartheid".