04 January 2007

A bilingual Poem قصيدة بلغتين

بيروت، بغداد

hatred billows

permeating through windows

reaching your sitto’s
صاج morning
inscribing tracks of corrosion
warm, brown unassuming script,

pricking that old iron dome of

a grey raven gives cries about his persecution

its beak pushes aside that mental
ليفصل مساحة بين شرائط التلفون
it looks up, upwards
unto the white blue sanctity above
and pierces scissor-sharp notchings
in that oldest skin of the sky

desolate crickets, hungry
tall metal and grassy columns keep them in lost

shadowy days and epochs

their footsteps tred among shards of faint light

weak legs dragging whispered hysterics

to an old friend’s decaying
كعك pushcart
وتنفس ٍ متعب ٍ وثقيل

يا عينيّي لغتي أصبحت لوناً لا تراه
عندما وضعتـُكَ ظننت
أن غداً سيشرق بشمس الوجوه الكريمة

يابني ليش مابتشرب من ترابنا
ليش بتكتب عا درب دارنا
كذبات بخطوط سقعة

أضعتـََكَ من يوم الي ودعناك
عى حفة البركة

Ibn Bint Jbeil 2007


Khawwta said...

عجبني المزج بين اللغتين

Leafless Eve said...

la'nnek khawta...lol

El-Saghir said...

Very interesting indeed!

It's actually trilingual, having both فصحى and عامية in addition to English. I must say that this may very well be the first 'serious' attempt that I know of at including Arabic in multi-lingual poetry.

Anonymous said...

Love the graphics!