12 December 2006

In Our Hearts . . .

. . . It remains.

Despite all the inflictions:

The incessant hatred, the numb apathy, the harrowing abandonment, the gargantuan beatings, the gory brutality, the vulgar slander, the egoist dismissal, the cruel deprivation, the political propaganda, the ambiguous facades, the spiritual confusion, the suffocating captivity, the breathless exhaustion, the humanity torn asunder,

the dream remains,

and remains,

and remains.

Photo: REUTERS/Mohammed Salem/November 26, 2006


Anonymous said...

It is THE central issue, after which, all other issues are of second degree.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your work
Mind if I post your last post on my site?
thank You

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

cyberray, be my guest!

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

Anonymous, you keep posting links to trash-journalism articles and bits of misinformation here, and i keep deleting them. you can keep trying, and i will keep deleting them.

cyberray said...

Jbeil thanks, i have enjoyed reading the poetry posted on your web,and listening to the beautiful music that stimulated the chakras
in the way spiritual music is meant to

Islam seems lile such spiritual religion, how is it there is so much violence going on on the name Allah? In the name of Christiandom I am always looking for intresting things to post, trash always gets through, but controversy is the mother of invention, lets hope that saner minds prevail and civilization does not go the way of the Incas, or some of the civilizations that have come before us yet vanished with out hardly a trace.

chypa chypa said...

hey livanskaja pizda .......mi tvou ebannyu strany razdolbali kak gniloj oreshek letom!

Anonymous said...

I hope the dream becomes reality one day!