02 December 2006

Face to Face

powered by ODEO
music: "Idrab" - "(Strike)"
from "3al-7doud" Album,
by Marcel Khalife
(circa mid-1980's)

Watercolor by me,
copyright today.

<<-(click for large image)

What do you see?

Fellow human beings?

or faceless crowds that you can easily dismiss as wrong, irrelevant, peasants, misguided, unworthy, untrustworthy, different, heretical, decadent, uncivilized?
In the end, we all have it within us to see the good in each other, and to be able to hear what the other is saying. Lubnan is quickly schisming into pieces, unless everyone opens their eyes, ears and minds to their neighbors. The old corrupt ways just don't accomplish anything anymore.


Lira = 1500 said...

You're a true artist, your sense of humanism can only be respected,


Lira = 1500 said...

Grea music by Khalifeh, those sound like kids making some noise in the background at first, the switch to the joyfull rhythm is so powerful and simple in the same time... I did not know that Khalifeh made music like this in addition to his songs, thanks for sharing :)

Then kids voices in the background at the end, not sure what's the relation with a strike, but it seems those kids were happy that there was a strike that day and they got it off ;)

Rochester said...

Dear Ibn,

Thank you for your art and music, and thank you for the pictures and narrative of your family...

I can't figure out why Waad was in the hospital for a week, she looks strong enough to snatch her hat back from her brother...congratulations!

Looked at your watercolor and read your fine sentiment and wondered if I should say anything at all. If I did I would say something like...

"These nights I know longer know the taste of hope, souls burn with a lust for sorrow..."

What if people can recognize the human in the "other" and shoot them anyway ...?

You like movies-you can rent "Joyeux Noel" at the local Blockbuster. An absolutely beautiful reimagining of the famous informal Christmas Truce of 1914...

The power of music! Of a shared religion! Face to face encounters, all along the Western Front...and everybody went back to the war the very next day.

I had a coworker from Bosnia and he told me a similar story from the trench in his mind. He told me that, at some point in the siege of Sarajevo, a ceasefire was declared...from above, from the UN, Jacques Chirac, whoever...

And naturally, the men on the frontlines were relieved. They started calling out to each other BY NAME, because they all knew each each other...they were neighbors, after all.
As the ceasefire wore on and these fools kept on talking, the old insults began, and, yes, these fools started shooting...the Serbs violated the orders from above to cease-fire, as did the Muslims...

They knew each other,intimately,as human beings...and they killed each other anyway.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

Lira, If you are not familiar with Marcel's instrumental repertoire, I have a simple synopsis at the bottom of this blog (dated 16 September 2006.)

Thank you all for your valuable contributions. Hope you revisit.

Anonymous said...

ibn bint ballout,
you are trying your best to maks the castrarian kissiness you have, but you are laughing balsemic vinegar. you are tropraying soreil as this post-apolcolyptic shanshabeel but your somewhere comments double ,at least you have the courage to have one and one .Your comments again are we are, here we are, we are here, because of people like da3adeen.

else are as sick faced

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have posted this drawing with part of your post on my blog linked to yours. I hope you don't mind.

Abbas said...

Are you taking us on the course of self-critique?

Where hell has no fury.

And You my God seam near.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

i have rearranged the words of your message to sound more like your gizzards.

i am flatered that you would re-post this post on your blog.

it is not so much self-criticism on a personal level as it is self-criticism on a collective level. or something like that.

transient said...

wonderful water color. This does speak on several topics. I see hope from these people of different color gathering perhaps searching for answers that they alone can't find but it all comes together from their collective dialogue.

There is one disturbance: on the center-right is one man (the only one with an eye) he watches us pretending to be part of the crowd, whispering decent trying to force his deseptive wedge, why is he there and why do all these people not recognize his intent?

The center prominant ones are coming into the crowd as the sea of people parts. Who are they? What do they bring?

Ibn? Where is this going?

Solomon2 said...

I see a faceless crowd with two people (or a family of three) trying to stand out, but in the end remaining faceless despite their efforts, and the treatment of light (bright at lower left, dimming to the upper left) accentuates this (showing that no matter where you are, it doesn't make a difference) while giving me, the observer, the feeling that this is the artist's genuine impression of the crowd. The non-standard focal points of the artwork encourage the eye to jump around, heightening the state of confusion and impasse the artist is trying to portray.

Excellent job. I wouldn't recommend signing it - a normal signature or initials would detract from the artwork. How big is this piece?

Anonymous said...

Hey you stranger common artist you!
Congratulations on your fine works-
But maybe also check out the last post on Fouad's blog and tell me what you think.

Anonymous said...

Hello again IBJ

I couldn't find your email address that's why I am using the comment section to ask you this:
May I have permission form you to publish your work at "Global Voices Online" www.globalvoicesonline.org under Lebanese blogs. Ofcourse a reference to you and your blog will be made.

red one said...

Beautiful painting. And thanks for the music too.

Saba B. said...

baba, what is this time machine for?

Anonymous said...

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Liliane said...

Well said and drawn!