21 December 2006

Colonialism = Racism

Recently, I read a comment on another blog posted by a "Tom." I replied to him with an (elongated) comment of my own. I have copied here both his comment and mine.

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What everybody seems to forget about colonization is ... yes ... it was occupation.


It also transformed the countries into nation states with a working government (e.g. Egypt, not that I mean to imply that the currect Egyptian government is good (or bad), but it is a substantial improvement over having no government, just armed factions killing eachother).

Also most countries were made independant, in steps, by the occupiers, not the occupied.
Therefore yes, colonies were militarily occupied, yes they were exploited. They also advanced hundreds of years and the average income of the people rose incredible amounts during this occupation. Culture and science blossomed like never before in these countries.
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Dear Tom,

i have a plan for you. i would like to help you advance in your life. i am a very rich man and also own much property, and have immense and enviable political clout. my plan for you will commence soon, with or without your consent, once i locate where you are.

my plan is simple: i will break down your door, move in, turn your living room into my own private barracks, complete with mounted gun near the front entrance. my first step towards improving your life will be to force you at gunpoint to fix the door that i broke down.

next you will quit your job and immediately begin an acceleratd reading program in which you will read and report on 2 books per day. these will be in MY language. you will also find time during the day to make me food, make yourself some (lesser) food, dig in your basement for any valuable raw materials that i deem important for you to dig up. i will take these raw materials and sell them, or use them in other endevours, but in any case you will be the one to haul them away, but they will be considered mine. i hereby declare that you are not worthy of them.

you will surely find time to do all this and more, since you will work for me now, you savage. you like that? too bad.

oh, and i will turn your children against your decadent family traditions and religion, and teach them my own versions of these, cuz all your stuff sucks, since you've been advancing much too slowly for my taste. you've been holding us all back, you lazy good-for-nothing brute.

and technology. why are you so slow with your technology? when was the last time you updated your computer? how do you expect to serve us in any modern effecient way with a piece-of-crap dinosaur like that? here's an idea: i'll set up an assembly line in your bathroom so you can start assembling computers that i can sell on the outside. i'll give you one or two of these to use in figuring out new and innovative ways for me to use you.

all this will surely help you advance in you life, primarily because we will be moving at a much faster pace then you've been moving in your life. so please respond here by telling me where you are located so i can get over there as soon as possible.

NOTE: the above sarcasm was brought to you by the United Fruit Company.
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Anonymous said...

you have no idea ma at2al dammak


Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

and you have no idea ma a5aff dammak, almost water.

but anyway i don't know how you understood or misunderstood this post. I am trying to turn Tom's point of view on its head, a pov which praises colonialism and thereby dismisses the opinion of the colonized; if tom can see himself as the colonized and not the colonizer, he would be able to see what colonialism truly is. seems you do not understand either.

atomic weight of sarcasm said...

What the hell does the weight of your blood have to do with you blasting Tom? I actually found it cleaver, instead of fighting with him and exchangin insults. Where was this post? I'd like to t2ildami as well :)

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

ta22il dammak hawn ya atomic.

_z. said...

I think it is very clever too, although very harsh. Unless you know the dude, and you guys exchange constant comments, this could be considered as tet2il damm... otherwise, I find it hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I don't know IBJ - this Tom person and you are worlds apart.
When will "worlds" come together, or at least closer?
By all means, I don't know the answer.

atomic weight of sarcasm said...

zee, you seem to always have questions in your comments on all blogs, when will you offer answers?