31 December 2006

As my old friend Jack Magnum once said:
"They make 'em &
they break 'em."

So be careful: If you let them make you, too,
the day may come when they will break you.

(Art: El Universal Newspaper, Mexico)



Khawwta said...

Allah yirhamo
They shouldn't do it on ADHA
"iza hinni 3am yhakmou 3a jarayim l 3iraq ma 2idro ykouno a3dal minno"

transient said...

when ever it would have happened, the people were robbed of their justice years ago when the Iraqi's lost any chance of controlling their own destiny, ruling their own land and bringing him to justice on their own terms.

This will be the flesh wound that festers and becomes infected into a hidious eyesore until we become accustomed to it and it kills us.

Happy Eid

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say right now, too many thoughts spinning around my head. But I do wish to acknowledge this post. I was very upset what happened with Saddam ...

Anonymous said...


Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

Khawta and S. Hamid,
as much as one may say Allah Yerhamo, I don't think a just God is going to have any mercy on a butcher like that, nor on his butcher-masters that first installed him, and then deposed him.

Leafless Eve said...

alla yer7amo???
r u guys for real?
Tra7amo 3al naas that had no control over the destiny, and that were born Kurds, or Shi3a in a country called Iraq.
I don't ask God for Mercy anyway, cause my God, if he exists, has nothing to do with life or death, but if i wanted to "itra7am" 3ala 7ada, i wouldn't waste my breath on a grade C dictator.

Rasha Alghazali said...

Jahanam wa bi's al maseer, may he be in the worst level that exists in hell!! And may who ever likes him and says Allah yerhma be with him since they like him so much they might as well join him!

Iraq should celebrate the day and make it a holiday when we got rid of this filth.