24 December 2006

Ad7a wa Milad Majidayn
(blessed Eid Adha & Christmas)

(Click for larger images)

for more information on Kufic script,
go to my Oct 22 post here



Anonymous said...

I check your blog from time to time but never left a comment,may be one when you had those yummy pink cookies.
Tonight beside wishing you a Happy Eid for you and your family am here to thank you for having this positive attitude about what's happening back home.I have read your comment at Hilal's and one on another blog,in both you are positive and refusing to accept that this is the "point of no return" ,and you sounded sure that it will not escalate between sects.To be honest with you am pessimistic and worried but welcomed your words that made my day and thought may be things are not that bad after all.
Eid Moubarak to you all,


سامية said...

Eid Mubarak to you and your family :)

وكل عام ونحن متفائلون

hillz said...

yin3ad 3al kill bisse77a wel 3afieh.

Anonymous said...

Yin3ad 3alaik w 3al 3aileh.


Dareen said...

Eid Mubarak ibj. Yin3ad 3alaik & your family bissa7a wissalama insha'allah. & I wish you a happy and healthy New Year. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

Eid Moubarak to you and your family. Inshalla happier days ahead.
I love the images, are they your creation as well? Well done! :)

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

thank you all;

Heba, thanks for your continued interest; I hope I can continue to surprise you; keep the faith strong in the people.

Coco, yes, it is my design.

AM said...

Happy Eid and Buon Anno 2007, wish you all what your heart wishes for :)

Saba B. said...

baba, these are nice eid cards. thank you.