26 October 2006

New Baby Blog

We've finally gone and done it! It's official! A baby still in the womb now has a blog! You've heard of Ibn Bint Jbeil, and now there's Bint Bint Jbeil! Yes, my daughter now has a blog. It's freaky, yes, but before you acccuse us of extreme virtual-cyber-pre-natal-parenting, it's just my wife and my writings and pictures about the baby, who's about to come.

Also as an added bonus game, what else do you see in the photoshoped womb ultrasound? It's kind of like looking at clouds and seeing things. I swear all I did was enhance and posterize the color; did not add anything!

Check her out: http://bintbintjbeil.blogspot.com/


Mar said...

I see a face kissing ur daughter's left cheek while she sleeps :)

WHat do you see?
The blog is a great idea to record every single step in your daughter's life inside and outside the womb :)
T'oom bil saleme, ur wife and the baby

Ayatollah Burkabaddy said...

congrats on the baby, mister. I thinks da blog is good idear. I see a woman in niqab, and no, I am not joking.

bashir said...

mabrook :-)

سامية said...

lovely blog idea! I crossed by it while searching for bloggers from Bint Jbeil..(and to my surprise I found one in English :)

Mabrouk and warm regards from Egypt! :)