22 October 2006

Glorious Eid Al-Fitr

Glorious Eid
to you and your loved ones.

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I created this design after reviewing the lessons provided by artist and calligraphist Mamoun Sakkal on his website, and doing a lot of practice exercises first. His consice and informative explanations on correct calligraphy are great. check it out:
Mamoun Sakkal Website



Anonymous said...

Happy Eid to you

Katie Lee said...

Is Cubism from Cuba? I know its from cubes, but is it also from cuba? I heard that cubism was originated by van go's commrad who traveled to the carribean and wrote a memoir too about such a thing. Did he possibly go to cuba and originate things? How did this Cuban origination end up in the consciousness of Arab artists like yourself? I loved that phrase of Arab words boxed up like that. It was totally awesome. anyways happy eid and bye.

Serena said...

Nice blog... Eid Mubarak to you and your family. May Allah shower His richest blessings on your new child.