23 September 2006

Welcoming Ramadan


While a Muslim fasts during the holy Month of Ramadan in obedience to the Creator, for the purposes of cleansing his or her self from materialistic desires, petty whims and selfish orientation, and in solidarity with his/her brothers and sisters in the human family who may be less fortunate and may not always have something to eat and drink, this year non-Muslims (Christians, Jews and others) are fasting during certain days in Ramadan in solidarity with their Muslim brothers and sisters who are facing war, occupation and continued harassment and intimidation.

Endless profusions of gratitude and appreciation flow from the minds and hearts of us Muslims towards the hearts and minds of those whose conscience is clean and free enough to realize the necessity of human solidarity in the face of aggression and intimidation, and who are sacrificing their comfort for the sake of love and fraternity.

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Mar said...

Now that's a ray of light in the current dark dark days.

Mirvat said...

very heartwarming
i will link this post to my blog if you don't mind

Anonymous said...

Ya Ibn Bint Jbeil,

What nightly programs will you be attending in Dearborn? Do you know the programs that are going on in the community? If I may recommend, try to attend the YMA at 8:45 p.m. at the ICA on Ford Rd.

God bless you and Shahir Ramadhan mubarak!

jooj said...

This is amazing.
Happy Ramadan.

Ayatollah Burkabaddy said...

Thanks for the kind wishes. You realize, of course, that my work is any good because of all the time you put in senior year "molding" me, right? I hope so. happy holidays to you as well.