22 August 2006

A Transient Blog

You should check out the blog NO WORDS. The blogger calls himself "Transient", but I know his real name; he and I grew up together decades ago. Well, we're still growing up.

As a writer, he is a sculptor of words and utterances. He twists words to paint the images that are born from moments of indigo-tainted room corners; gently pushes their linguistic clay, coaxing their sound to bring out liquid thoughts; sharply slices them to let irrelevant parts drop away, leaving only the melancholy, draped shadows of language and speech. So yeah,that's his style. Click to check him out:



Anonymous said...

Report to IOL on Lebanon

In the current all-out Israeli offensive, Lebanon is being destroyed, its civilians paying the price in blood.
You are invited to report to IslamOnline.net the impact of the Israeli bombings on Lebanon.
Send us text, photos, video footages, and audio recordings. Submit any material you wish to provide to: report_4_iol@islamonline.net or iolcj@iolteam.com or report4iol@yahoo.com.
All authentic material on Lebanon's casualties and devastation is much needed.
Make sure to provide us with as much information as available on the material you send — including the exact location and time of occurrence of what you are reporting on. If you did not experience the events first-hand, provide the sources from which you got your information.
Our aim is to collect and record as much authentic material as possible to help validate and document the truth of the real situation in Lebanon.

Haider Droubi said...

nice blog...

Gosudarynya said...

Great new blog! I linked to you from the Lebanese Bloggers (how we both posted there is probably something for psychologists to figure out) and have been peeking back here now and then.

During the recent war I looked on every blog I could find to see how people were doing. Emails and calls to Lebanon were not answered until a few days after the cease-fire as residents returned home from temporary exile.

Thanks for your efforts. So glad to find a Lebanese(-American) who is blogging and is not a right-wing, secret BushCo apologist!!

nayj said...

I already have a link to his blog! :> do I KNOW HIM? do you know if I know him? trying to be funny.

anyway, NO WORDS is such a profoundly appropriate paradoxical description of Lebanon situation. what words can we use to say anything? W/ all this amazing political blogging, the verbiage also just sometimes seems futile and infertile and absurd in light of the daunting war aggressions and the global complicities w/ these aggressions. ineffable. and yet we must speak or we must do something.

I really enjoy your blog, and I also think Mazen's artwork is incredible. http://mazenkerblog.blogspot.com