14 August 2006

Ralph Nader, teacher and friend of the People


For whatever reason, this picture looks so comforting and sincere, so innocent and non-toxic. I wonder what era they're from? maybe from the not-too-distant past when political fear was not the pervasive mood, and it was easy to envision a future of goodness.
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Click image bar below for letter from Ralph Nader to Prez Bush:

Ralph Nader quotations over the years:

  • "The goal of a just society is inseparable from love and beauty."
  • "We must strive to become good ancestors."
  • "Your best teacher is your last mistake."
  • "I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers."
  • "The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun."
  • "A society that has more justice is a society that needs less charity "
  • "There's no ticket of admission for active citizenship. Anybody can get through that gate, and anybody can ask that basic question that gets the ball rolling."
  • "A good citizen is not just a person who votes all the time."
  • "If you choose between the lesser of two evils, at the end of the day, you still have evil."
  • "Today the large organization is lord and master, and most of its employees have been desensitized much as were the medieval peasants who never knew they were serfs."

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