17 August 2006

Palestine Still Suffers

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What does Izraeli "disengagement" really mean? Does it truly mean that the government of Izrael will unilaterally leave Gaza and the West Bank and basically leave Palestinians alone? "We in our state and you in yours"? Even after Izraeli disengagement from Gaza, Gaza remains one collosal hellish prison, surrounded by Izraeli forces, with non-stop militry incursions and bombing from land and sea. The war in Lebanon has ceased, but the war on Gaza remains, and the occupation of the West Bank continues to oppress its inhabitants.

Actually, the fact of the Izraeli plan for disengagement is a plan for the extreme slicing up of the West Bank into "
Bantustans", and a continued domination of Palestinian life by way of a besieged occupation from the outside. It has NOTHING to do with an future independent state that is actually sovereign in the complete sense of the word.

This is the original Izraeli plan for the zionist apartheid separation wall, as of 2003 (dark black line.)
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This is newest Izraeli plan for disengagement. The whole territory of the west bank is to be cut up by apartheid wall (black line), izraeli military roads running throughout the isolated sections (white lines), and izraeli military occupation lining the whole eastern section of the west bank (dashed area.)

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Bil'in (بلعين‎) is a Palestinian village in the West Bank that is on the front lines of confrontation between the Izraeli military and the people, aided by international activists, in the struggle against the zionist apartheid separation wall. Each week, protesters who are native inhabitants are joined by international supporters from the ISM to confront the building of the wall.

You can see below how almost half of the land of Bil'in and neighboring Saffa have been stolen and will be separated by the wall. All area west of the wall will be annexed to Izrael in its disengagement plan. The stolen Bil'in land to the West is farmland that Bil'in villagers used to work in, but have now been cut off from. You can also see below Videos of Izraeli forces confronting protesters in Bil'in.

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Palestine: "Closed Military Zone

IDF fires on unarmed protester

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