23 August 2006

The Lebanese Army

The Lebanese army is an internal police force, and unfortunately

nothing more. Although Lebanese people from all walks of life wish that the Lebanese army is strong enough to defend Lebanon, this army lacks the most rudimentary of defensive capabilities.

The Lebanese Right Wing refuses to support a national political

will that would make the army strong enough and equipped enough and politically oriented enough to be able to repel Izraeli aggression, including the ability to neutralize Izraeli air power.

Having such a political will is unthinkable for the Lebanese Right, because this would: (a) emancipate Lebanon from Western political and military patriarchy, a patriarchy that the Lebanese Right is absolutely addicted to; and (b) automatically put Lebanon in the camp of Eastern populations that are opposed to Izrael, which the Lebanese Right absolutely abhors.

The whole "Eastern Arab Muslim Third-World Monkeys" identity is not very appetizing to the Lebanese Right.



Mirvat said...

i quoted you here:

hillz said...

u reminded me of the "goat". they stopped making it leading the military show, no??
shoo ossita hal 3anzeh?

Anonymous said...

Not Islam itself is bad, but the perversion of Islam, correspondingly, those distorting Islam are preventing it from development. And Allah is also suffering! and is exhausted from the distorting ones.

Mar said...

me3zeye mish 3anzeh

Neil Williams said...

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nayj said...

it would be nice if we could think in terms of disarming everyone and dismantling the industrial military state complex. I don't want a Lebanase army or an Israeli army or an US army. Either that OR ignore nuclear weapons in pakistan, iran, korea and make sure every country, first and third world, has the best means of destruction. equal opportunity for insanity and world destruction. we all go down or we all figure out peace. no one is left out of the equation.

transient said...

What the hell is anonymous talking about? What is E.V.? The perversion of blogs?