09 August 2006

Izrael is Defeating Itself

Through its actions, it is beginning to look like Izrael has been sowing the seeds of its own defeat in Lebanon, for the second time. What has been happening with this most recent war? What are the results thus far?

We all know about the incredible, satanic-amount of murder, destruction and collective-punishemt inflicted upon Lebanon with the most technologically advanced military hardware and munition, all courtesy of our tax dollars here in the U.S.A., including:

  • affective en-masse slaughter of families, civilian neighborhoods and villages; so far the number of civilians killed who have been found under the rubble has topped 1 thousand, and it is estimated that as of today, another 500-1,000 remain under the rubble;

  • the absolute violent dismantling of the Lebanese nation by way of air bombardment: smashing of major roads, bridges, electric plants, airports, maritime ports, border crossings, factories, lighthouses, media antennas, petrol stations, markets, farms, water- and sewage-treatment plants, and dams;
  • the violent preventing of red cross relief convoys, including multiple direct attacks on moving ambulances; (it seems that the izraeli warplane pilot used the actual red cross on the top of the ambulance below as a target to aim for;)

  • the total military blockade of the entire coast of Lebanon, complete with continuous bombardment of the country from the sea.
  • the attack on Lebanon's natural environment by attacking crude oil depots on the coast, and the spilling of crude oil into the Mediteranean Sea, a catastrophe that has not fully revealed itself;

>>more pictures of the coast at Arabican Blog

  • the emptying of South Lebanon in a manner not dis-similar to the emptying of Palestine in 1948, whereby so far over 1 million Lebanese have bee expelled from their homes.
  • http://www.lebanonmaps.org/

This is all in comparison to around 100 Izraeli deaths, two-thirds of whom have been izraeli soldiers, and 300 Izraeli buidlings hit with rockets, according to the BBC.

That said, civilians anywhere should not have to suffer because of warring factions. Combatants on both sides intentionally march towards battle, and know that they are possibly marching towards their death as they inflict power on the other side. But civilian do not intentionally and willingly, to any degree, give up their life for the sake of a military confrontation between two combatant sides. So again, civilians should not have to bear any suffering from the warring of two combatant sides.

But what will be the long term results of the war? We may not know everything about that for quite some time, but the future is beginning to reveal itself. As a result of all the destruction it has inflicted and continues to inflict, has Izrael achieved any of its goals? It claims much through talk, but what has it truly achieved militarily, politically or in terms of security? Nothing.

One of the results of this war is turning out to be a new world-wide attitude, a spirit of refusal, a chorus of "NO" to the threats made by the powerful. This is a spreading phenomenon that goes beyond the Arab and Islamic Worlds. As a result of this war, the people of the Earth are beginning to see with their own eyes the methods of Izrael when it is completely unleashed, and people are waking up to some of the realities of our world, and will not be afraid to speak out any longer.

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