10 August 2006

Grindings and Purgings I Must Purge Forever

I wote this poem in 2005, and it is still in need of some editing.

It is a departure from my previous poetic styles, thanks in large part to the exposure to postmodern literature that was bestowed upon me by my younger brother Abbas. As you read it, read each line as a separate, uninterrupted grouping of utterances.

Grindings and Purgings I Must Purge Forever

Stopped by the studio to unplug the coffee
Been up there who saw it inplugged
Plugged in since Tuesday evening

I had a cup, well, two half cups
And Imad had some, and so did Joe
There is still a lot in the pot

And is it still I should have unplugged
Is anyone plugged in since Tuesday evening
Obsessive compulsive issues might be borderline

But are they if they are
Enough to incapacitate me for three days

How is it that coffee can incapacitate you in two ways:
One way would be to partake in derision
And another would be to foreplug the pot

And have it become a major issue
In your mind to the degree that you become
A major issue and forget to unplug

To the degree that you feel completely transfixed
It and the other grinds that you can't find

What pebbles of mesmerized it's just I can't
Paralyzed to move and so I haven't been there
In three days for want of better a better

Can anyone find time to find to pick up
Pieces of shards fall in crack plugged and unplug

The meter of gas, of water,
What is that purple stuff sprawled on the pipe joints
It can't be just pipe sealant, lurking
It must've been reason for a nation's downfall

Crisp let hands purge your workings and mind sidetrack
Can't form little bits of move and shove
I was a grasshopper and now I am an enemy combatant

Kick, shout, discredit, steal, lie, invent
Blame others for your own misgivings

Figure out that there was focus and go back to the physi-
.....cal, the aimless
Hunger down the backroads of hair removal
Back out sudden family guilt, I am better than the older

He kept she kept, he stuck pockets she struck rockets
Water and dust are not isolated insect young can wash them
Fi get the major battles

Ig, it, is, fig, lit, bit, shi, git this pig off my lig
I now understand that I don’t understand
How levels of findings that we might thought we knew

Philosophically we know not in life of days gone so far
But those ignorant jagged leather faced elders know
Those days and we don’t know what they know those days
We blame them for our not knowing we sentence them

I find small details of offspring coming home and looking
With sparkling eyes up at me like I have lives of light
Have offerings of electronic food

I find not one granular little piece of moist dirt-earth
In this plastic clicking square pile of Visual filth muck

My mind alters gall or Levantine Gaulite
He lives in Paris with figures of discompensated families
Fled their poor only to find and pile

Their offspring are snots of whine
And shard oh nay say what you see can see what you can’t
Cant figure your brie or finger door re me

Cascade down to my living hot rope of gigapica
Philabrother you have left me spacing with my right thumb
Spaces I should be spacing across land from rivers to hills

And down into spaces of water blue depth of sky
Only God can deep ultramarine darkness in the day sky
And I can’t

I can find me find me come find me lying purging
Subtle winds of marg o little ye of faith fail I say it
Go on and say what you can't say

I just saw me, I lie
I did unplug it
How can one mind Find one dizzled pack of backstuffed ideas

I fiddled with her fiddled with little sins
Planted in your memory’s eye till one day you till the earth
And come then back to tell you what you've tilled

Seconds pass and years are forgotten days beat you
Repeated down with familiar discs of those small mediums
And large increments

I want only what is good for me not for me for you
Not for you for them I want only what's deleted
I want only what I can’t have I want only what I can’t

Remember becomes plays, images series down
"Baddik yani illaha innaha mihtali?" *
How can I not say the love that I can’t love

Did their cement pieces put in them bodies of people they
.....purchased or stole,
In order to use them for gain in incremental growth of
.....wealth cookies
The treachery of butchery

These tangents someone told me about I had not idea
Circles turning until my mind turned
Do not judge me you sit too, point of circumvent

black / oil / red / gauze / white
Nothing is funny throughout
The smell and sound of offspring will get me through
.....the night

The sight of offspring is blinding
I will always be blinded by their faces, gates to heaven
When they cry they messenger to me of cosmos lost

I try fix but not
I try fig but mouth
eat / know
figure / non-figure
shape / idea
w / hitch connection
pressed letters
circles in squares
fingers in plugs

They have dislodged us from Where were we

A Canadian woman makes stories about my mother.
Teaches them to the maggot young who flourish in
.....maggot time with maggot liquid flesh
And run through the full electronic gamut

I am me you are a concept /where is the human connection

I found this problem lying in little bits of machine
Decomposed leaves it made me pick itself up
I picked it up and ran, protected it with my life

Beneath my inside pocket near where I protect my heart
If an arrow came flying towards me what would I
Wave it down with what little problem I have
Can’t solvet, clorox you tell me

Can you please remove this bag from off this chair
So my grandfather can sit down
They piling in little increments of words into my son's head

He should be tilling the fields of God
Where them fields
Where am he

* “Do you really want me to tell her that she is devious?”


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