19 August 2006

Dennaoui on Liberty

My friend C Dennaoui is a philosopher-artist-poet-mastermind. Here is her latest artwork. It is an absolutely beautiful work:

(Click for larger view)

She states about this piece:
This piece was accepted to participate in the ACLU of Michigan's "Lady Liberty Project." The ACLU sent out invites to local and national artists asking them to create a piece that reflects their thoughts on the current state of liberty. We, the artists, were given one of two prompts to choose from. the first was a free-response where we could create any piece in any medium to render our thoughts on aforementioned conceptual prompt. The second was to create a "mask" for the statue of liberty. Oh, by the way, we were asked to play with Statue of Liberty imagery. A few of us were chosen and we were asked to create our pieces as donations to the ACLU. In short, I will print out this work and it will be auctioned off at some fancy VIP ACLU dinner in November and the money raised from the sale of the piece will be donated to the ACLU...

Check out her blog: http://ayatollahburkabaddy.blogspot.com/

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