19 July 2006

We Came Together

Photo: Ricardo Thomas / The Detroit NewsYesterday, we marched to show solidarity with the people of Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq who are being slaughtered everyday. More than ten thousand people marched in the heart of their community in Dearborn, Michigan. Christian, Muslim and Jewish speakers all solidly voiced their stances against the continued zionist policy of violent hegemony. I think that when people step out of their homes and march together to voice their solidarity with people on the other side of the globe, they know somewhat that their demonstrating will not stop or affect the suffering over there; but what motivates such protests is a desire to create unity over here, and to express a position that cleanses our own conscience, whereby history does not pass us by, and we have not stood neutral to an unholy, unjust aggression. We cannot resist an aggression that is taking place a world away, nor can we affect the government here that is unwilling to change its policy towards it. But we can resist the media and propaganda onslaught within our own minds and hearts, an onslaught which aims to divide us from our brothers and sisters who are enduring a hyperbolic, bombastic violence that aims to destoy their homes, lives and determination.

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Sally said...

Who brought together comings that obviously know the engineering bridging process. Coming close or just plainly coming near are two forms of coming together. I know about coming together. Although, I have not together come with none during my exhile here in this country, I assume that this coming together is joyous and profound. Coming together overturns the experiences of dispossession. It is without forecast fatefully supposed to be.