20 July 2006

Politics & War: Attempting A Definition

--- Politics: A methodology for governance
--- Conquering for management
--- Seizure and allocation of crumbs

--- Money hyped up on super-systematic crack
--- Guns at the ready
--- Sharp, sharpened bullets that pierce flesh
--- Politics is smoke: Snaking its way from under a magicians bowtie,
--- Or monumentally rising above a hill of concrete ruin

--- Politics wants to rule you nicely,
--- With your consent and cooperation
--- Or seize and bind you tightly,
--- If you are a determined Adamant

--- A pistol, a cannon, a bomb falling towards the Earth's gravatational pull
--- Politics embellishes death with words
--- Pretext, postext
--- People are to swallow the bomb, the smoke and the word

--- Politics gives you roads, schools, cities and other mass-organized activities
--- With one swoop of a fighter jet, politics takes away roads, schools, neighborhoods, family homes, a little girl's happy morning, a ceramist's studio, olive groves, the paint off of market signs, the skin off of a mother, a father, a baby doll

--- Politics is tricky:
--- One day coexisting with its human counterparts,
--- Then in a synaptic snap: losing all control of itself to rain upon them its ruin, horror, suffering, weeping, fleeing, hiding, help me I can't find my child, help me I can't find any words, help me I can't find any words, help me I can't find my family house, it was just here on this block when we left yesterday, or was it that other block over there? It all looks the same now... I can't tell the difference.

--- Entire neighborhoods collapse. Smoke and fire sear the color off of cars, buildings, lips, ears and people's clothing to make everything gray and bleak. This color of death and hate has been heaped upon the villages and cities, into the homes and onto the playgrounds, onto the roads and bridges, even into the sea and rivers.

--- In times like ours, politics rises to dominate with its ultimate methodology of governance: War.

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