30 July 2006

National Public Propaganda

I was listening to National Public Radio on my way to work Sunday morning, hoping to get the latest on the second Qana massacre*. Like all other American news media, NPR got in line with a very "measured" response to Israel's continuing atrocities. They proved that they are ABSOLUTELY NOT ABLE to speak of Israeli mass murder of civilians, including dozens of children, without justifying it with the official zionist military government excuses.

When it comes to the human rights of third-rate human populations, most especially Arabs and Muslims, the American Liberal Establishment is deeply zchizophrenic, hypocritical, artificial and defective, and downright deceptive. At least the American Right Wing comes right out and says: Them Muslims is animals. Them bad. Them fodder for us tanks. Them must submit. Them satan's people. We kills them. Us God. Us God's children. Us kill is right. Ug.

But American Liberals have internalized the same mindset as the Right Wing, namely a mindset that justifies carnage and domination of others, yet from a secular motivation, and they express it through a politico-academic jargon that specializes in circumventing the truth.

In the end, the only thing that endures is truth. Occupation never endures. Domination never endures. And in the end, everyone gets judged by their Creator, even the bystanders.

*Israel's first massacre in the village of Qana was in 1996:

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