18 July 2006

Lebanon is Burning

People watch as Lebanon burns. It has been burning for six days, but this will not be over like the six day war of forty years ago. These past six days will have been only the beginning of this bloody battle. People are not only watching Lebanon burn on tv, but also on the internet, on the pages of newspapers and magazines, and Lebanon burns over the radio waves. And the people of the world watch and permit lebanon to be burned alive, be chopped into pieces and spat on. And I am far away: helpless, with a silencer over my mouth. I have no one to speak to about how I feel. Many of the people around me are going through their own emotional trauma about Lebanon, each in her or his own way, but for some reason I feel completely alone. I guess if a bomb would fall on me from a fighter jet it would kill me only once, but Distance is a killer that keeps on killing. I am thankful to Allah, the creator of all humanity and all life and all that is above and below, that in the safety of my exile I am spared from the killing, but I also feel ashamed that I have such luxury, the luxury of staying alive, while others are visited by the slaughter. I have been hopelessly going through the internet, going from news outlet to diary entry to picture series, trying to learn the latest, and I finally landed on a blogger in Beirut who has been documenting his experience under the rain of bombs through drawings. He inpired me enough to start this blog this morning. I have been up for six hours, since 4 a.m., and now I am three hours late to work. This is my first blog entry. This is my first real venture into the solitary world of interactive internet participation.

I was able to visit Bint Jbeil in 2004 for the first time since 1978; here is Bint Jbeil as it appeared before it was just bombed........

Photo: Imad Bedoun/bintjbeil.com

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nayj said...

every time I see this picture, i am heartbroken. so sorry for all that you (we) have lost. keep bloggin' and telling the truth until all the lies can implode!