31 July 2006

Dans La Rue ! ! !

ANNOUNCEMENT: PEOPLE will march in the street, beginning at the Oakman and Warren intersection in Dearborn, daily at 5 p.m., protesting the violent murderous zionist onslaught.

NOTE: During the uprisings of students and workers throughout the World during the 1960's, people in France, when marching in the streets, would chant "Dans La Rue!!", meaning "In The Street!!", and people would come out of their homes and join them.

REPORT: Peoples from the Arab community in Dearborn, Michigan, and surrounding cities, joined by supporters from all communities, spontaneously flooded the streets the afternoon of Sunday, July 30, in response to Israel's unrelenting barbarist genocide of Lebanese and Palestinian civilians, and especially in response to Qana Massacre II, which occurred earlier that day, IN WHICH OVER 50 CIVILIANS WHERE KILLED IN ONE RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX, MOST OF WHOM WHERE LITTLE CHILDREN.

Initially, the police and "community leaders" tried to keep the Dearborn protesters to the sidewalk, and tried to have people hold a "standing vigil" on the sidewalk. But people's anger was overwhelming and people wanted to march, and that is just what they did. As they marched, the police initially kept them on the sidewalk, but people insisted on taking over the street, and that is just what they did, taking over Warrren and Schaefer Roads. Then people wanted to march on City Hall, but the "community leaders," in cooperation with the police, diverted them to Hemlock Park, which people are sick of marching to and rallying in. People do NOT want to have a picnic; they want their voices heard by their government AT the goverment building. Some people, especially a small group of young college-age women, suddenly sat in the street, directly at the police blockade, and demanded to march to City Hall. Countless people did joined them in chanting "CITY HALL..CITY HALL..", but not enough people had the courage to sit down with them. Eventually they joined the hapless thousands who turned the corner into the side street and into Hemlock Park. They insisted they will try again the next day and the next day.



Namaste Brown said...

Will this marching in Dearborn for support and solidarity be every day? Or just some days?

Thank you for keeping this blog and including the links...


mm said...
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